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Screenshot app

Are you looking for an ideal way to enhance the productivity of your computer by using a Light Screenshot app, Do you want to know how to use and install the Light Screenshot app in your computer so that you can create and save screenshots easily? Do you want to know about the basic features of Light Screenshot app in your Windows? If yes, then this article can help you out. Here, we will be discussing the basic features of the Light Screenshot app in your computer.

Microsoft has developed the Light Screenshot app for Microsoft Windows OS. It is available for all versions of Windows OS. The main features of the program include the capture of images. If you can select any image from your computer and then save or share the same on the web with the help of the internet service. There are various types of image formats available for the use of the Light Screenshot app including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, BMP, and GIF.

One of the basic features of the Light Screenshot app is the availability of various editing options. When you download the program, you will get the facility to edit the captured images using different graphic user interface options including; rotate, flip, zoom, crop, and red eye reduction. Moreover, you can also apply different enhancements to the images and can apply filters to the captured images. In order to make the screenshots even more interesting, you can also add music effects and video clips to the pictures captured using the snipping tool.

The other basic features of the Light Screenshot app include the support of over 300 extra custom orbs preinstalled in the program. These custom orbs provide useful information about the device including; information about the battery, CPU speed, memory size, weight, resolution, OS version number, among many others. The mode of capture also determines the kind of information provided by the orbs. For instance, the portrait mode provides information about the screen size, the battery power percentage used, and the duration of the call. The beauty mode on the other hand, provides information regarding the clarity and color of the displayed screen, and if any problem occurred during capture the user can easily revert back to the time line.

Another feature of the Light Screenshot app that makes it different from its competitors is the provision of remote desktop software support. With the help of iOBit, a Windows Network enable computer can be use to capture screenshots and transfer them to the mobile device. The process is quite easy, as one just needs to connect to the iOBit server and select the orb folders that they want to share. This remote desktop software installation is done within the Light Screenshot app itself, which has been teste to ensure maximum compatibility.

The third major feature of the Light Screenshot app is the provision of over 300 extra custom orbs preinstall in the orb folder. These custom orbs can be arrange according to the type of media player. The player chosen can either browse through the files on the computer or directly play the videos stored in the same folder. The selection of the player can be done either by the user or from the interface provide in the Light Screenshot app.

The final feature of the Light Screenshot app is the provision of live monitoring of the device. Based on the chosen screen resolution, captured screenshots can be easily rotate, crop, and enhance using the free software available in the same orb folder. The software also allows the user to upload the images directly from the capture device or import them from a number of different formats such as JPEGs, GIFs, and PNGs into the program. Some popular file formats used by the free version of the Light Screenshot app include PPT, HTML, and PNGs. The built-in image editing features enable the user to adjust the color and size of the captured images and apply a variety of visual filters to the captured photographs.

Based on Windows OS platform and designed to work with any modern PC or laptop running Windows OS, the new version of the Windows Store app of this software allows the users to download apps that are specific to certain devices without the need to install them separately. This is possible thanks to the usage of the code-signing certificate issued by Microsoft that allows users of the Windows OS to sign their trusted certificates to install particular apps. It also supports multi touch gestures that enable the user to manipulate the camera with their fingertips to select the required media player. This is done from the comfort of the desktop or from the command-line interface that is launch by clicking on the Start button on the desktop or from the task bar using the shortcut feature of the browser installed in the computer.

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