Review Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus 2020 New Wireless Earbuds

Review Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus:

Samsung seems to have hit the target with the new Galaxy Buds + headphones, whether you use them with a Samsung mobile phone or with any other Android from another brand. iPhones also take advantage of their new features.

Samsung Galaxy Buds + is it worth your purchase?

To be honest, the new Galaxy Buds + do not differ much from the previous generation in terms of design, sound quality and use case. Now, small adjustments make new ones improve integers. 

The key lies in the greater autonomy of its battery that allows it to exceed the hour of use time, along with fast charging for the headphones themselves or wireless charging for the case that makes them also easy to charge at any time. 

They are advances that will allow you to completely ignore the state of the battery of these, or at a given moment to leave the house without having them charged.

Review Samsung Galaxy Buds:

Clearly, the Galaxy Buds never reached the same level of prestige as Apple’s AirPods, or even other wireless headphone rivals like Bose or Sony, but with the new Galaxy Buds + this could change. 

With the best battery among the products in its class, wireless charging stand of the charging case, as well as the sound quality offered, we cannot ask for much more from these new headphones that you can take advantage of even without using a Samsung mobile. 

Price and availability:

The Galaxy Buds + currently has a fairly competitive official price of € 179, somewhat more than the original price of the previous generation, but with features that improve what most of its rivals have been offering. 

If you are interested in them and decide to acquire one of the new terminals of the Galaxy S20, S20 + or S20 Ultra series during these days, when you pre-buy online you will get the Galaxy Buds + headphones as a gift. 

For reference, note here that Apple’s second-generation AirPods Pro with active noise cancellation currently cost € 279, while traditional AirPods still for sale cost € 179 at the Apple Store. With the charging case, they rise to € 229.

The main challenge for the Galaxy Buds + in terms of price is that if you move away from the phone manufacturers and look at more discreet audio brands, take amazing wireless headphones for a low cost without avoiding the quality. 

Design and build quality:

It’s fair to say that aesthetically speaking, Samsung hasn’t made many changes to its Galaxy Buds +, compared to last year’s Galaxy Buds. Check the review on Saim Deals. At least in terms of aesthetics. In fact, they are identical with a compact almost circular size. 

It’s amazingly designed and offers a triangular touch panel with pearl finishes that assists you to motivate them.

Because the touchpad covers most of the outer side, it’s pretty difficult to move them in and out of your ears without accidentally touching it, and you’ll have a hard time getting used to disabling ‘no pause’ mode when you’re wearing them and you’re on your way to some side. 

As before, we have three silicone tip options, along with three sizes, making it easy enough to find the best size for your ears after a few minutes trying different combinations. 

The finishes with which you can buy them are white, black, the color that returns in this range, or cloud blue, a color that replaces the yellows from the last edition. They all come with IPX2 splash resistance, withstanding the rain or a little sweat if you run, but in no case the shower.

As for the case, it also has exactly the same size and design as last year (and therefore continues to be among the most compact), although for some reason Samsung has changed the matte finish of the original case for a more modern look. sparkly. 

So on the outside, the Buds + are literally just a brighter version of last year’s model. But what does that extra weight of 0.7 grams give you?

The battery as a big bet:

Samsung has practically doubled the battery life of the headphones, going from six hours of the previous model to 11 hours, without counting the charging case, which contains another full charge. Add it and you will have and 22 hours of battery in total.

That total number is impressive, but it’s 11 o’clock that really counts. It is the autonomy of almost a full day of use that any human being can do. 

In my tests, I turned them on at 9:00 a.m., tried to use them as much as I could all day without putting them in the case, and still found myself going to bed at midnight with 20% battery remaining in each earpiece. 

Even when my Galaxy Note 10 Ultra was at a 2% charge after a day of heavy use. 

Fast charging makes those numbers even better, as just three minutes in the case gives the Galaxy Buds + an extra hour of playtime.

Two color-changing LEDs on the case will let you know the approximate battery levels for each earphone and case respectively, but it’s probably best to use the Galaxy Wearable app.

This app also offers battery information for each earbud, an equalizer, surround sound controls, as well as the ability to customize what a long press does on each earbud. 

Options include activating a voice assistant, changing the volume, turning on / off the surround sound, or simply opening Spotify and automatically starting to play the last playlist you used.

A massive change from last year is that the new Galaxy Buds + iOS app supports almost all of the above: the only things missing are Spotify integration, reading out loud notifications, and low-latency gameplay. 

Last year, there was no iOS app support for Galaxy Buds, leaving out potential iPhone users who wanted to use the Buds. In this sense, it is good to note that Samsung improves things in this regard. 

The app is especially important for the equalization theme. If the Buds + ‘s preset sound turns out to be quite flat, the app gives you five other options to choose from, from bass and treble boosts to smooth dynamics.

You will find that the changes are not particularly abrupt, indicating that the Buds + profiles do not change dramatically in order to accommodate a variety of tastes and genres.

There is no active noise cancellation mode, but at this price, frankly, you shouldn’t mind. Take a look at the final price of the AirPods Pro. And to be honest, the improvements have evolved so that it doesn’t really surprise you. 

The ambient mode works well too, using additional microphones to boost outside sound and let you hear what’s going on around you. It is useful even for ordering a coffee in a bar without having to stop the music or remove them from your ears. 

In a sense, the Galaxy Buds + don’t differ much from the originals. Same design, similar sound quality, and a couple of software tweaks. But the original Buds were already a great wireless option, and the new little tweaks make them better.

The data you should keep is the fascinating battery life, doubling the autonomy of the previous generation to exceed 11 hours of use. The other big incentive is the fast charging of the headphones and wireless charging of the case.

Specifications of Galaxy wireless Buds:

You could still find little things to complain about, like the shiny case, the efficiency of touch controls, or even the lack of AptX audio codec support. 

  • Specifications of Galaxy Buds
  • Headphone with Case (wireless)
  • 2-way dynamic controller
  • Touch controls
  • Connectivity via Bluetooth 5.0
  • IPX2 splash resistance
  • Charging case with USB-C and wireless charging
  • Headphone battery: 85mAh
  • Charging case battery: 270mAh
  • 6.3 grams per earphone 
  • Finished in black, white or cloud blue

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