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If you are excited to watch Telugu movies then download new Telugu movies app. This is a fantastic android app that has lots of new and old Telugu movies free for streaming. So, if you love to download it then read the description below and then click on the download button to get it free now. Check iBomma which is the alternative movie app.

Review New Telugu Movies App

Android become more popular day by day and everybody has Android smartphones in their pocket. Here is the app for Telugu movies which offers all the new and oldest movies for free watching. Download new Telugu movies app free from our website to watch and download movies without any cost.

new telugu movies app download for android

The new Telugu Movies app is the Telugu version of Hollywood blockbusters. Every July a new star is born in the prime time slot and the entire country becomes obsessed with it. The most popular actor is Zee5, who plays the role of an ordinary housewife who falls head over heels in love with a much more handsome man, Prem, a truck driver. The movie enjoys great success in the Hindi-speaking country. And it was made on the budget of about 150 million Rupees.

The demand for Telugu movies in India is so high. Each actor has been paid about Rupees twelve thousand to eleven thousand for their roles. This goes to show just how popular these movies have become in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh. Every month new movies are released in the cinemas. Herewith are some more added to the schedule, which the cyber world and the digital distribution services enjoy offering. Recently the web series “Nanban”, was a live-action television show on YouTube. And it was watching a million people spread all over the country, managed to make their way into the heart of the Indian Royal family. The entire movie was telecast in Tamil. So, many people were not even sure about what they were watching. Found the entire telecast interesting enough to stick with the series.

Download New Telugu Movies App (iBomma) for Android

Here is a great opportunity for movie lovers. We are finding this source from great research. So, if you are an android user then simply click the below download link to download the movie app. After that, click on the install button to successfully install the app. Open it to watch and download movies free.

App Details

App nameNew Telugu Movies
Size14 MB

Popular Telugu Movies

The other recent Telugu movies in the multiplexes include “Kattu”, starring Vijay, Mani Ratnam, and Ravi Teja. Vijay and Mani Ratnam are two popular youngsters in India whose names are synonymous with action and adventure in the country. Mani Ratnam’s name was very well known before he came into movies, as he was a star in the Raavanan Khaekra Kiteboarding TV series, which ended one year and a half ago. Though his role did not leave any significant impact on the movie industry, the Telugu film market has benefited greatly from his performances.

Furthermore, another latest release is the movie title “Nanban”. This movie which is yet to be screened in any major international film festival has been telecast by the local cable channels. The movie has been received well by the viewers and the reviews are positive. However, the Nanban story revolves around a young girl who falls in love with an aging war veteran. The two get captured by the terrorists and the young girl is forced to marry the old warrior.

In addition, one more movie title which is worth watching is the sci-fi movie named “Eternia”. The name of this movie suggests that this is an animated science fiction thriller. It has received great feedback from viewers in the Telugu market. The main storyline of the film involves a spaceship crew that finds out that there is some sort of hostile life existing on the remote planet. The crew of the Enterprise then launches an attempt to land on the planet to investigate and find out more about the nature of the hostile life.

Features of Telugu Movies App

  • Watch new movies.
  • Download movies for later watching.
  • Free of cost.
  • Get access to all the newly released movies.
  • Very simple user interface.
  • Also watch Hindi, English, Punjabi, and other movies.
  • Supports Android 5.0+.
  • More.

The list of movies in the Telugu market scheduled to be released in the next few months is quite long. It includes some of the best-known movies from the recent movie season. Like “K Tamil”, “Nanban”, “Aarakum” starring Vijay, “Chinmite” starring Ravi Teja, “Dhoom Reloaded” starring Ajith Kumar, and many more are to be released in the coming weeks.

The three most popular Telugu stars have bagged the Best Picture awards at the recent national awards ceremony. They have all recently bagged Best Picture nominations at the National Awards. Therefore, it can be said that the popularity of Ajith Kumar, Vijay, Ravi Teja, and other stars is still rising. They have definitely put in the required efforts to bag some fine award-winning performances in the last few weeks. People who like to watch Tamil movies on a free streaming platform just download new Telugu movies app. After installation, you will be able to enjoy your favorite Tamil movies straight away.

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