How to Install Hidden Phone Tracking App in Your Android phone?

Since Android mobile technology has evolved to the next level everyone these days has cell phone devices. The mobiles are available in different shapes, models, and specs with plenty of operating systems. However, more than 85% of the cell phones in the world are of android OS. Cell phone technology has prevailed among everyone and today youngsters are second to none. Today, there are certain groups of peoples who want to monitor contemporary cellphone devices.

Most of the people want to track the phones of their children to set parental control to decrease screen-time and to prevent them from inappropriate activities. Moreover, parents want to protect children from social media obsession.

 On the other side, business professionals want to keep a check on their employee’s activities on business-owned mobile phones. However, you must have a hidden phone tracking app on your android cellphone. Therefore, you should get to know how to get it and how you can install a mobile tracking app for android on the target device. Let’s get to know how to get the job done.

There are many different ways to track a mobile phone. These methods can be used to keep tabs on your employee or spouse. You can install a hidden phone tracking app on their phone without them knowing, You can use an antivirus app to keep track of suspicious apps and files. You should always update your software and run a scan regularly on your phone. The best way to avoid being tracked by a hidden phone tracking app is to keep an eye out for the name of the app.

The best way to prevent someone from tracking you is to set a security code that only you know. This way, it won’t be noticed by anyone else. Also, remember to protect your phone with a passcode. You may assume that you always have your phone with you, but this might not be the case. Sometimes, your phone is in a safe place while you are sleeping, so a PIN is crucial. Using a PIN that’s difficult to guess is best.

Another way to track an employee or child is to install a cell spy tracking app. These programs work in the background and allow you to access their phone activities from a remote location. You can even use these apps without rooting the phone! Using these applications will allow you to keep tabs on their activities and prevent behavior changes that might lead you to suspect a naughty employee.

The best way to detect if someone is spying on your Android phone is to know where the phone is. Android phones display a location symbol in the notification bar, even if you don’t want apps to access the location of your phone. If you see this symbol, it’s a sign that a spying application is running in the background. The app can even send you notifications via e-mail if it’s detected.

Luckily, there are several ways to detect and remove hidden spyware. You can download a dedicated spy app finder and use it to detect hidden spy apps. This process can be a lot faster than manually searching for malicious apps. You will save time and effort, and your security will be greatly improved. With the help of this program, you can safely track a smartphone and remove it. It’s easy to use and will give you peace of mind.

To get started, you need to create an account on Spyine. You can do this on any device by going to the Spyine website. Next, select a subscription plan for Spyine. You can choose from Basic, Premium, or Family packages. Finally, install Spyine on the target phone. If you don’t want your target to know, you can simply hide it in the application.

If you don’t want to spend money, Mobile Tracker Free is an excellent choice. It can record all activities on the target device, including texts and social media alerts. It can also backup GPS locations. And unlike other spy phone apps, it’s completely undetectable. If you’re worried about being tracked by your partner or ex, you’ll be able to do it from anywhere.

Once you’ve installed the spying app, you’re ready to spy on your child’s phone. You can view all text messages and even listen in on phone conversations. The best part? It’s free and you can set it up in minutes. If you’re wondering how to install a hidden phone tracking app in your Android phone, you’ve come to the right place. The steps below will show you how.

One of the top spy apps available on the market is uMobix. This app is available on most mobile operating systems and locations. The good thing about it is that it’s free to download and offers many great features. PanSpy, on the other hand, tracks the entire activity of the target device, including calls, text messages, social media activity, and incoming and outgoing messages. You can even monitor text messages or group conversations from your dashboard.

Install Hidden phone tracking software:

If you want to do surveillance on someone’s cell phone then you should have a kind of software installed on the target device that empowers you to upload the information remotely. Therefore, you need to use your private mobile browser connected to the internet. Now you need to perform a few steps that help you out to get your hands on the mobile tracking app. Let’s get to know how to do it.

Step1: Get an online subscription

You need to get your hands on the hidden mobile spy app, so you need to use the cell phone device installed browser and connect it with the internet. Now you need to visit the official webpage of the cell mobile phone tracker app. Now instantly get the subscriptions following the operating system of the target device. Furthermore, you need to visit the email inbox to get your hands on the credentials in terms of password and ID.

Step2: Get Physical access

Now you need to have physical access on an android device and when you have got the access then rapidly initiate the installation process. Furthermore, after the process of installation got started and you have successfully ended up with then activate it on the targeted device. Now take a further step ahead to get access to the web portal.

Step3: Activate web portal

Now you need to use the credentials that you have been collected already at the time of subscription. So, you can get access to the electronic web portal and further you have got access to hidden cellphone spying software tools that are unique and powerful to monitor target android devices. Let’s get to know about all the tools in detail, how this tool works and how you can get the monitored information.

Use hidden-phone monitoring app features to monitor the target device:

Call recording

You can remotely get access to the online control panel once you have activated it on your device. Furthermore, you can also get access to the target android device and further upload all the information such as incoming and outgoing calls using the secret call recorder tool. Further, you can save the recorded calls data on the web.

Surround recorder

You can remotely get control over the target device MIC and further record the surround sounds and chat conversations and voices using the MIC bug app.

Live screen recording

Now you can perform live screen recording on android mobile using a screen recorder app. it empowers you to record live short videos of the screen and send the recording of the videos to the online dashboard. You can visit the web portal and get to know all the activities happening on the cell phone screen.


End users can remotely get access to the target device screen and remotely capture multiple screenshots of activities happen on the target device. Furthermore, you can schedule plenty of screenshots at once and send it to the target device to get more screenshots using an online dashboard.


The hidden-phone tracking app is the best tool in the business these days on the web that you can use both for digital parenting and employee monitoring. Furthermore, the android tracking app is easy to install and you can use it using the above-mentioned guide. So, get your hands on it as soon as possible to get the results.

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