Download GoodSync Desktop Cloud Storage for Windows

GoodSync is a great offline installer software for windows. The GoodSync Setup latest version is available here, So, You can download this awesome setup just follow the below download link at the end of this post.

GoodSync Setup

GoodSync Desktop Cloud Storage for Windows is an excellent storage management application that provides you easy access to your files whether they are store on the web, in the cloud, or on your local computer. This computer software has various features that will help you in saving time and money. One of the main features of GoodSync is that it does not require any kind of software installation. It works out of the box, with no need for plug-ins, drivers, or updates. All you have to do is to install the GoodSync desktop cloud storage software and then let it do its work.

You can set up a desktop computer as well as laptops for GoodSync services. Computers that are assigned to a single user will get added benefits from this application. The PC has been set up as the primary storage for all files, information will become a primary location for all sync activities. Any documents that have been saving will be synchronized on the desktop using a desktop cloud storage service. Similarly, laptops that have been assign to a single user will also get added advantages by this desktop application.

All the computer components such as the hard drive, CPU, RAM, and other hardware will get synchronized on the local computer. The desktop computer that has been set up as primary storage will synchronize its information to the other PC. This can be done either automatically or manually, as per the requirements. Manual synchronization can be done when you are using multiple computers.

An advanced version of GoodSync is called SuperSync. This advanced software has a feature to restore all files from the remote desktop after they have been removed from the local computer. This restore function will enable you to go back to an earlier date and time. You can set up the date and time of your choice to be the local date and time.

There are many advantages of GoodSync. It can back up the entire desktop or a specified portion of it. This enables you to use the backup to copy all your important files to another place. It also provides the facility of restoring a specified desktop or a portion of it to the local computer. Many people think that backing up the entire desktop would not be practical. However, it is possible if you transfer the data to your laptop regularly.

Once the files have been back up, the application resumes normal functioning. This is possible only if the laptop is power off while the backup is in process. Similarly, it is possible to revert to a specific time and date using this feature. However, they revert will require that the desktop is switched off at the same time.

GoodSync has a feature called local synchronization. This is meant for synchronizing desktop files to the laptop’s local hard disk over the Internet. This allows the user to access the files on the laptop even if he does not own the laptop.

One other advantage of GoodSync is its ability to protect the desktop from being corrupt. The backup copies are encrypted and so they provide security. In case of accidental deletion or overwriting of the files, the encrypted backup copies can be recovered. GoodSync works well with both desktop and laptop computers. You can easily use the application to back up your important files and then store them in a secure place.

GoodSync can also perform automatic synchronization. This means that, instead of browsing the web, you need only to click on the synchronization button and all files will be synchronized. This is especially useful when you are traveling. GoodSync also offers an import and export feature. With this feature, you can easily import or copy some files from your own computer and transfer them to the GoodSync service.

Synchronization is very useful if you are planning to merge the desktop version of an application. You will not lose any data on the desktop and your hard drive will not be clutter with different versions of applications. It is also useful when you want to view the desktop version of the documents you have created on the computer.

Synchronizing the desktop is a very easy task. You need to download and install GoodSync on your laptop. Once the application has been install, you can simply synchronize the desktop using the provided configuration file. In the configuration file, you will be able to enter the folders where you want to store your desktop data backup. GoodSync will then make all the necessary synchronization and copying between the laptop and the desktop computer.

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