Download AOS TV APK For Android

AOS TV APK is a great live streaming app for android. The AOS TV APK latest version is available here, so, you can download this amazing setup just to follow the below download link at end of this article.

What is AOS TV APK?

AOS TV for android devices was launched by Hyperion earlier this year and it has been gaining immense popularity in a short time. This is because of the outstanding features that it offers, along with some amazing picture quality. The popularity of AOS TV is also because of the simple and easy-to-use features and the great home entertainment value it offers to Android users.

AOS TV is one of the most popular android applications available in the market as of today. It is designed by Hyperion, a renowned company based in New York, and is known for its excellent features. AOS TV has been loaded with hundreds of premium channels and you can enjoy the best entertainment experience with AOS TV. It has been downloaded by millions of users from all over the world and has been getting rave reviews from people who have already downloaded it. There are many other amazing features that are included in AOS TV and some of them are Live TV Guide, Firestick remote control, TV listings, TV show guides, TV channels, and so on. You may check Pikashow which is an alternative tv app.

AOS TV has another exciting feature as well and that is the ability to connect to your television via a Firestick. In this way, you will watch your favorite programs and channels directly from your mobile phone or tablet. In short, AOS TV is a perfect choice for android devices as it offers high-quality apps and games along with the ability to connect to your television through a Firestick. It is indeed another one of the best android applications that work perfectly and give you maximum entertainment.

Features of AOS TV APK

One of the most popular television brands in India is AOS TV. As compared to other brands, AOS TV has gained a lot of popularity. The company first launched AOS TV in the market, intending to provide the best entertainment options for their customers. They have tried to provide the best in terms of quality, format, and price. Let us look at some of the key features of AOS TV.

The AOS TV software is consider being the best entertainment option available in the market by a majority of the users. It allows the users to enjoy watching their favorite channels with no interference and gives them a chance to catch all their favorite shows. This feature makes AOS TV the most-watched television network software in the country. This amazing feature makes the channel more entertaining as it allows the users to browse through different channels on their PC or TV.

There are other features that make AOS TV even more popular among users. For example, AOS TV gives a virtual experience to the customers by providing a variety of channels. In this way, the customers can experience a real-life setting with their televisions. Another feature of AOS TV Apk is the interactive features that help the users to enjoy their programs with the help of the remote control. It allows the users to play, pause, and rewind the programs themselves.

How to Download and install AOS TV APK

How to download and install AOS TV APK is very easy. In fact, you won’t even need an internet connection to view and enjoy your television. AOS or the Android onto TV software is a high-quality digital video package that offers all the popular cable and satellite channels and movies and music channels. It is a great entertainment option for any living room. Also, it can be controlled wirelessly through your PDA or mobile devices, so you can watch it anywhere you are.

To download and install AOS TV, download the software from the android market. You can find it at Google Play Store. Installation is very simple and quick. Just follow the on-screen instructions and you’re on your way to enjoying your TV in no time. The AOS TV APK is deliver to your computer through an Internet connection, so you don’t have to wait for a cable or satellite dish to connect to stream your program.

When you download and install AOS TV, there will be a system scan to detect all your devices. It will then ask for you to insert the serial number of each device. Click OK to all the required checks. Finally, it will shut down by itself and reboot your PC or mobile device to complete the installation.

App Information


New Version: 20.0.0

Old Version: 19.0.0

App Size: 30 MB

Category: Entertainment

App Developer: AOS TV Team

Android Version Requires: 4.2 and Up

Website: AOSTV APK

Downloads: 10,000,000+

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